This is a hotfix to the Marmalade Quick beta release.

It adds:

  • support for BlackBerry10 in the Test tab in the Quick LaunchPad app
  • an Advanced tab with a button to launch the standard Marmalade Deploy Tool (for stable deploying to any Marmalade supported platform)


To use this update you need :

  • Marmalade 6.2 SDK for Windows
  • Quick beta release

To update:

  • Open the Marmalade folder e.g. C:/Marmalade/6.2/ or /Developer/Marmalade/6.2/
  • Download and unzip the hotfix file for your desktop OS
  • Backup and replace the following files with the same-named ones from this hotfix:
    • <sdk>/quick/tools/quickLaunchPad.exe (Windows), <sdk>/Applications/ (Mac)
    • <sdk>/s3e/bin/quick/ (Windows and Mac)


This update does not fix signing for PlayBook and BlackBerry 10. Currently, using "Publish" with either of those will result in an unsigned file.

It is recommended to use the Deploy Tool to do signing (Deploy Tool is well tested and signing works as expected):

  • In the launchpad, use the Advanced > Launch Deploy Tool option
  • Under "Stage: Select Build" choose ARM GCC Release
  • Under Platform Selection choose BlackBerry 10/PlayBook
  • Under Configuration > BlackBerry 10/PlayBook set:
    • Author name
    • Author ID
  • If you wish to sign and deploy for the store, also set (in Configuration > BB10/PlayBook):
    • CSK password
    • Keystore File (your .p12 file)
    • Keystore password (CSK and keystore passwords are usually the same)
  • Under Deploying, do "package" or "package and install" (with IP address and password set) to put on device.
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